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Danny Roberts, Deputy People Director – Attract
Former Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer

Leaving the Royal Navy after 22 years’ service can make you apprehensive, especially as I was offered the security of a further extension of 5 years.

After so long away from home and seeking a better work/life balance I made the decision to return to ‘the real world’.

My background in the Royal Navy gave me a vast array of transferable skills & experiences including People Management, Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring & vital ED&I skills which all stands me in excellent stead in my current role as Senior Attract Partner.

I was lucky enough to travel the world while gaining these skills & experiences on Frigates & Destroyers as well as time in Operational tours and a Diplomatic tour of the United States.

The transition into Civilian life and GFSL has been seamless and very rewarding thanks to the hugely welcoming team and wider GFSL family I’m part of.

My role here is hugely rewarding, varied and challenging – something I was definitely looking for in a new career!

I’m lucky that I get to work and talk through many aspects of the job both Operationally and Strategically and feel like I’m able to add some real value to conversations now I’ve gained a good understanding of GFSL.

My role is hugely autonomous and empowers me to make a real difference to People, this is hugely motivating and rewarding.