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Testimonial from Kirsty Rice – Deputy People Director – Retain
Former Royal Navy Petty Officer

Leaving the military and entering civvie street is daunting. Trying to understand how your skills translate whilst also being nervous about your worth in a civilian work setting. Since stepping out from behind my uniform and rank, and putting myself out there as ‘just me’ with GFSL has been a seamless process.

Daily life at GFSL never fails to be different, interesting and challenging. My role as Senior People Partner allows me to work with many different departments and teams.

What I love about my job are the people and the site teams I work with and having the freedom to create a way of working that allows me to maximise my efficiencies and become great in my role. I have the opportunity to get involved in projects outside of my everyday job which adds value and impact.

My role keeps me motivated to strive for career progression, it keeps my work ethic high, and I want to deliver for others, not just my own career. Collaboration, communication and teamwork are so important to feel like you are part of the GFSL work family.