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We’re passionate about promoting greater diversity and creating a workplace and culture where all of our employees have a voice that is heard, feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to be their true selves.

We recognise the value that every single employee brings to the organisation. Everyone’s needs at work are different and we are committed to doing our best to satisfy these differences whilst ensuring consistency and fairness for all. We promise to champion diversity and inclusion with ongoing learning and training, as well as career progression opportunities for everyone.

My personal aim for ED&I is that all employees are ED&I champions as they understand the benefits that a wider range of experiences, knowledge, skills and perspectives brings to organisational performance outcomes. ED&I is a golden thread throughout all our policies and practices.

Jennie Oliver,
People Director

Disability confident employer

We’re proud to be playing our part in changing attitudes towards disability and neurodisability. We’re creating a more accessible workplace, and reaping the benefits of inclusive recruitment practices by hiring great people from the widest possible pool of talent.

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Our ED&I committee fosters a multicultural environment which celebrates different cultures and backgrounds. It provides a safe and supportive space for employees to share their experiences. It also helps people from ethnic minorities have equal access to all GFSL opportunities. GFSL’s aim is to create a safe space where all feel empowered and comfortable to express thoughts, ideas, concerns whilst have equal opportunity across the business.

We have a dedicated ED&I policy, mandatory training around ED&I which all employees must complete, have an equal pay policy & our recruitment process is constantly evolving to give a wide ray of opportunities to the most diverse talent pools.

Ex-forces’ recruitment

We recognise that veterans bring a variety of transferable skills and qualities to our workplace, developed through their military careers. We understand the need to build a successful second career, GFSL are passionate about supporting you in your journey and taking the next steps into civilian life.

We are delighted to have received a Silver Award from the Defence Employee Recognition Scheme (ERS) in recognition for the support we offer our veterans, reservists and the wider Armed Forces community.

Guaranteed interview scheme

As we’re proudly signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant and have achieved a Silver award from the Defence Employer Recognition scheme, we will offer all applicants who have served in the HM Forces a guaranteed interview (should they meet the essential criteria in the Job Description) and a walk around of our establishments.

GFSL is also committed to helping military spouses seeking employment and will work alongside Families Federations.

Our forces’ community

Here at GFSL we have several employees who have joined us after serving in the armed forces. We also have our very own Armed Forces Community champions, Kirsty Rice & Danny Roberts – as well as a dedicated online support group for forces’ leavers, reservists and veterans. All are here to make your transition into civilian working life as easy and as smooth as possible.

some of
the team

Kirsty Rice – Deputy People Director – Retain
Former Royal Navy Petty Officer


Leaving the military and entering civvie street is daunting. Trying to understand how your skills translate whilst also being nervous about your worth in a civilian work setting. Since stepping out from behind my uniform and rank, and putting myself out there as ‘just me’ with GFSL has been a seamless process. Read more>


Danny Roberts – Deputy People Director – Attract
Former Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer

“Leaving the Royal Navy after 22 years’ service can make you apprehensive, especially as I was offered the security of a further extension of 5 years. After so long away from home, and seeking a better work/life balance, I made the jump and decided to return to ‘the real world’ Read more>

Buddy scheme

Joining a civilian employer for the first time after serving can be unnerving, we understand this and will assign you a buddy that is part of our GFSL forces network who has been through the transition and will support you during your first months here at GFSL.


Check list for force leavers

Some practical help and guidance to help you settle in:


  • If you are single on discharge, SPACES may be able to help you with finding accommodation. They are a housing placement service, part of Riverside Care, who support and work with single service personnel regardless of rank and length of service to find suitable housing. The team can also make referrals to single person accommodation available at Catterick, Aldershot, The Beacon and Mike Jackson House. Find out more >
  • SSAFA is a charity helping veterans and their dependants with a range of welfare issues including housing. Find out more >
  • Haig Housing – this is a charitable trust helping ex-service personnel and their dependants offering family homes to let at affordable rents and is the strategic housing partner for Help for Heroes. Find out more >

Register with a GP

  • Leaving the forces can be a stressful time, so looking after your health and wellbeing is important. As a part of this you need to register with a NHS GP practice as soon as possible. As part of that process make sure to tell them you are a veteran so they can put this in your patient notes. Being flagged as a veteran will ensure you are able to access veteran priority health services  such as; mental health, hearing loss, limb amputation and wheel chairs. Find a GP >

Register with an NHS Dentist

  • Looking after your oral health is just as important as looking after your physical and mental health. Find a dentist >


  • If you live in forces’ accommodation, make sure that you provide your discharging unit’s mail office with your new address and use the royal mail redirection service. Find out more >

TV licence

• It is a legal requirement to obtain a TV licence for your new address if you will be watching any form of live TV. Find out more >

Utility Providers

You will need to find out who supplies your property with water, gas and electric and register as the homeowner / tenant in order to set up your bills.

  • Water  – Find out who supplies your water and register as the home/owner tenant. Find out more >
  • Gas – You can find out who supplies your property with gas using the following link. Find out more >
  • Electric – You can find out who supplies your property with electricity using the following link. Find out more >

Council tax

  • By law, all residents in a UK property must register with your local council to pay council tax. If you live alone you will be eligible for a single person’s discount of 25% of the annual bill for your property. You can enter your new postcode here to find out which local council you need to register with.